Rainbow Skate - LGTB Friendly Skating Redwood Roller Rink - Wednesday Nights
What is Rainbow Skate?
Wednesday Night is a Roller Skating Session hosted primarily, but not exclusively, for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Communities. This session began about fourteen years ago and was held at the San Mateo Rolladium every Wednesday Night until The Rolladium closed in 2001. Rainbow Skate then moved to the Redwood Roller Rink in Redwood City.
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Where is Rainbow Skate?
Rainbow Skate is held every Wednesday evening, from 8:00 until 10:30 at the Redwood Roller Rink. The Rink is located at 1303 Main Street in Redwood City (click here for directions). Admission is $9 (which includes free rollerskate rental or you can bring your own skates or blades).
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We have tables throughout the lobby and benches along the side wall. There are video games along the side wall for those that don't wish to skate or just want something to do while taking a break. In addition, our snack-bar is open for the sale of candy, chips, ice cream, various soft-drinks and bottled water. Alcoholic beverages are not sold, or permitted, at the Redwood Roller Rink.

If you'd like to use our amenities for your own group, click here for information on holding group events at Rainbow Skate.

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Further Resources

There are many other resources in the area -- two good places to start are SanJosePride.com and South Bay Queer & Asian.

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